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| You Can’t Start Your Day Without the Oil and Gas Industry

You Can’t Start Your Day Without the Oil and Gas Industry

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Like so many of you, I have been amazed at the PR battle raging against the Oil and Gas Industry. Often the rhetoric stretches to the extremes; even to the notion that we can be a society that is “fossil fuel free”. In the day to day heat of this PR climate battle I one day found myself taking note of everything in my day that involved the oil and gas industry directly or indirectly. Needless to say, my novice research project turned up some interesting observations. So what you say?

Well, I am thrilled to pass on to you one of the highest quality PR video pieces I have seen that communicates the results of my amateur research project. This video has been created and released by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Regardless of how you might feel about their politics, this video nails it regarding the value of the petroleum industry.


It is vitally important for all of us affiliated with the oil and gas industry (that’s everyone living and working in the Permian Basin) to work to combat, and even change, the narrative around green energy and being fossil free. It is not a matter of being for or against the environment; but rather, it is a matter of being open eyed and realistic about what an industry does and how dependent we are on that industry for the simple day to day routines.


All too often the extremes of an argument are not challenged. Today, we even see oil and gas companies touting the green energy and climate lobby verbiage without ever touting the indispensable value of what these oil and gas companies do for everyone that makes human thriving better the world over. I hope this video will help you to see – in less than two minutes – that the oil and gas industry now thriving in the Permian Basin is not just necessary for running a car or a jet airplane; but is vitally necessary for all of us to even begin to thrive in the day to day.


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