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| Time to Pursue a Plan?

Time to Pursue a Plan?

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After a delay of a few weeks it seemed that it was about time to post again for the Conversation. Like most of you, life has been very busy as the pace and production of life and work continues to escalate right here in the Permian Basin. Though I have not, of late, written much I have continued to do my best to press in around our region. Whether it is attending various community meetings, public “listening sessions” or engaging in conversations from Houston, to Dallas and right back to the Permian Basin the issues keep growing and the pressure just keeps right on rising. But what do we do?

I keep coming back to the same question, “Where are we going?”

The question is not just, “Where is the city going?” Nor is the question simply, “Where is the county going?” Nor is the question simply about health care, or education. No, the question is “Where are we going?” For the sake of our future and the ongoing need to invest our hard earned dollars into the best long-term future of our great region, we have to know where WE are going. We can no longer wait for this or that bond and then be surprised by this or that new tax or assessment. Day after day we read news reports ranging from the Permian Basin being the world leader in oil and gas production to the other extreme of challenges involving education and water pressure.

The time is now for a bold, unified initiative that gives us a sense of long term direction, what it will involve, what it might cost us and when we can expect to be asked to pay for it.

This will have to involve all interested entities gathering for not just one meeting, but months worth of meetings to hash out what the data demands, the cities need, and our future depends on.

There is not one segment of our great region that does not need attention. We cannot compete for the same hard-earned tax dollar for the greater good with divided interests.

The future is our shared future; not the cities, the counties, or any other entity.  Let’s move beyond the start of the conversation and ask for a long conversation between all necessary leadership for the collective greater good of our historic free market opportunity.


What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Time to Pursue a Plan?

  1. Patrick, thank you for your commitment to keep this initiative at the forefront of our thinking. I’m excited to see where we go from here. The Chamber of Midland recently had a great Education event and I’m also excited to see where Orlando Riddick takes MISD as many of his words resonated with this same idea. We all have a part to play for both the current and the future and I have great hope that we will be better tomorrow than we are today and able to recognize the strides we have made when it becomes the past.

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