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Dear Friends,

I trust the start to your new year has been tremendous and you are well on your way to a blessed and successful 2018. Just as the dates on the calendar have changed and keep moving; so, our region, economy and great needs continue to escalate.

It is the ongoing need for the pursuit of excellence above ground, here in the Permian Basin, that causes me to be so thankful for this next step of releasing a blog and web page. With this next step, it is my hope, that we will be able to stoke into a flame these embers of passionate concern so that a wildfire of progress consumes our cities, counties, and region until the landscape of expectations and ultimately lifestyle have been changed.

Be sure and check out the articles section where I have written the first of what I hope will be a popular forum for information, ideas, and feedback for all involved and connected. I will be attempting to post weekly from various sources touching on every major area from lifestyle, to education, to healthcare, to transportation and more.

In closing, allow me to express my most sincere thanks to all. There is a growing movement to see Midland, Odessa and the entire Permian Basin become a premier destination city and region and not just a “tour of duty” in a career path. We stand on the shoulders of many who have gone before us carrying the torch of opportunity; now, let’s use that torch to touch off the blaze of change and progress. I am not completely sure where this will path will take us but I am certain if we stay with it we will succeed in more ways than we could have imagined when this idea began.

Patrick Payton

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