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Everywhere you look around us in the Permian Basin there is activity. Whether you are trying to get a table at your favorite restaurant, attempting to buy a house, or just driving on one of our streets the Permian Basin is buzzing with activity and more importantly, opportunity. It’s opportunity that concerns us at Start the Conversation the most, and to be specific the fear of missing opportunity that is right before us. Part of the opportunity we have right in front of us is another event at the Wagner Noel to see and hear a great author and speaker encourage us in the meaning and importance of the oil and gas industry.

You are not going to want to miss hearing Alex Epstein present the observations and conclusions from his recent book, “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels”.

All of us are aware of the supposed “environmental agenda” that day after day paints the oil and gas industry as the most dangerous element facing the earth and our way of life as human beings. With the relentless barrage of negativity regarding the energy business it is important that our region hear the “other side” of the data and research. The other side of the data and research that demonstrates that without the oil and gas industry life as we know it and life as we desire others to have will not happen and will not be sustained.

If we are going to turn the corner as a region and become as great above ground as we are below ground we must be certain that we see what we do as essential to life and not as some pariah to the human race. We must know the truth; and, as the old saying goes, “Be set free” to thrive in our pride of production in this region.

The event is Thursday, March 22nd at the Wagner Noel. Make your way to the Wagner web page and get your free tickets now. Invite your friends and your network and let’s gather together to learn, and even celebrate, the value of who we are and the responsibility we have been given.




Pursuing Greatness.
Patrick Payton

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