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| Friday Night Lights and Expectations

Friday Night Lights and Expectations

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As the conversation has started and action is around the corner, and even already happening in so many sectors; I continue to hear a few remnants of negativity. Most of the negativity comes in the form of old familiar phrases:


“This has all been tried before.”

“Nothing is going to change around here.”

“Midland and Odessa are just too far apart.”

“Let the boom slow down and this will all be over.”


Regardless of the negativity that still exists in ever smaller circles, our region has continued to grow from 1999 to the present. There have been bumps in the road but we still grow. Our schools stay full and keep getting more and more crowded. Health care is stretched and for new people to the area finding a doctor is getting harder and harder. Homes and apartments keep getting built. Businesses keep coming to town. And the list goes on and on. But what does all this have to do with Friday night lights? In a word, expectations.

No matter the economic situation in the Permian Basin when Friday night comes around every fan – be they Broncho or Panther, or Bulldog or Rebel, or any other team in the Permian Basin, the expectations remain high for every fan…quite simply an expectation of perfection – winning.

We never lower our expectations for that which we are passionate about.

Boom, bust or anything in between we expect winning. Well, the same should be true of our hometowns; of our region.

Part of changing the expectations towards a paradigm of excellence above ground is simply allowing our paradigm to be changed.

Staying with the analogy, we have to become the fans and the boosters of our team – our home. We have to be willing to believe the best and do our best in every endeavor. Much of this is already happening in our region.

Both Odessa and Midland citizens are already working alongside their respective school districts to bring about change and innovation at every level of education. At the same time, respective Chambers of Commerce, health professionals and small business owners are doing everything they can to usher in a culture of excellence above ground. And, indeed, the oil and gas companies throughout the region are raising expectations and moving a paradigm from the Permian being a “tour of duty” to a destination of choice.

Dear friends, let’s keep raising the expectations. While we hold up high the standard of excellence on Friday nights, let’s keep cheering on our home and our region for the future. A future of excellence and greatness and nothing less.

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