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| A Letter from Patrick

A Letter from Patrick

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Every January we are confronted with needed reflection regarding the previous year and equally necessary thought about the challenges and possibilities of the year ahead. Often, this annual season of reflection results in resolutions, or renewed commitments towards often lofty, well intended goals and ambitions. But, as we all too often come to know, well intentioned resolutions often end up in the regret column of good intentions. Nothing can change this cycle or resolute regret except a change in our paradigm that leads to a change in our actions. The same is true of communities when it comes to resolutions for the greater good.

It is a well-established reality that we live in one of the most important energy centers of the world; not just the United States – but the world. This collective “we” consists of the entire Permian Basin region. It is not just Midland or Odessa, it is all of us. For decades, well intentioned Permian Basin leaders of the past have sought to remind us of this collective and spur us on to greater achievement and standards of living. But all too often the well-intentioned resolve was swallowed up in the boom and bust cycles of a past era. To be sure, we are never set free from the cyclical nature of a commodity economy but technology and times have changed and so must we. In the spirit and resolve of those who have gone before us, we must once again pick up the mantle of change and progress and become as great above the ground as we are famous for what we do below the ground.

It is our hope at “Start the Conversation” to stoke the embers of resolution into a full-fledged inferno of progress. An inferno that burns so white hot with resolve that we leave no challenge unmet and no impossibility with remedy. Whether a renewed and world class education environment Basin wide, a health care community unrivaled throughout the nation as a destination for care, an infrastructure and living space that rivals any comparison, and even the hub of alternative energy study and progress; there is no reason why the Permian Basin should not be, in relatively short order, the energy and lifestyle capital of the West.

Without question, there will be an abundance of nay-sayers throughout the region; this is to be expected. No worthy vision and goal is without those who will seek to limit it, and even tear it down. But likewise, there must be an even larger, more passionate and committed group to a necessary shifting paradigm of possibility and greatness that will not quit until a new paradigm has taken hold and nothing less than world class above ground will suffice for the worldwide leader beneath the ground.

It is a scary thing to advocate for revolution. Not a revolution against people but a revolution against a well-established paradigm of limitation. But the world is changing and history is being made in the energy sector right here in our home. So, let us not watch as this moment passes us by and we squander the chance to realize the greater vision of many who have come before us. Let us start the conversation that leads to multiple, red hot embers of possibility and eventually into a raging inferno of possibility and reality for generations to come.

Let’s get started! Let’s make history! Pass this blog on to others. Refuse to be neutral about our region any more. Get involved in government, get involved in issues, go to city council meetings, go to school board meetings, talk to your employers and express the shared desire to make history and become one of premiere destinations for career and life – right here in the Permian Basin.

Tune in each week as we will post new articles to consider, and even the occasional call to action.

In the conversation – headed to action,

Patrick Payton


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